For several years, Illinois has had one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. When a family can no longer pay off their mortgage debt each month, the bank stops contacting them and they face the fact that one day a sheriff comes to their door and gives them a complaint to carry out a foreclosure. Then, the bank will sell your house and evict you. Prior to this, it is important to have a lawyer to help you establish your defense in advance.

We have been successful in defending hundreds of foreclosure cases. In most cases, we have managed to get the bank to negotiate with you to restructure a mortgage payment that you can pay. We look for loan modifications and other options to keep you in your home as long as possible. Let Zuma Law, LLC protect your interest in your home, for which you have worked so hard to have.

Tell us a little about your case, if we can help you we will contact you.

401 N Riverside Dr Unit 12, Gurnee, IL 60031

T. (847) 596-3030

F. (866) 691-5364


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